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Gigi's Domains has been created as a tool and a means to fund Emmasway.About 6 months after Emma died I bought my first Domain (outside of my Real Estate Career) I did not know how or what I was going to do but I made a promise and this is me keeping it. Gigi will tell her stories through gtlDomains so keep checking my sites.  This will be completely non-profit organization to help Globally in areas of: Climate, Homelessness,  Oceans, Water and FOOD FOR EVERYONE.. That's a good Start... (or you may that one person who makes a difference. Are you ready for the journey of your life. LISTEN #gtld

image2 - 100% proceeds to Emmasway

 Free-SEO-experiment  I love art and the only way I can do this is to be creative. It is so hard to sit for hours but for love I guess all is possible. One of my projects is using only Free Seo and does it work. I have about 50 sites that I am analyzing.... Take a look below and #followGigi  as she writes here memoirs  and 111 days of whispers. #findthegtldtreasure  

See The Video below. Please like it if you do as I am trying to build my YouTube Channel so I am somebody. Lol.  All likes and subscriptions #SpreadtheLove

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Domains will be for Sale 

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